GIC S*Litho's Golden Sand (My) BSH ny11 EP S*Spinner's Big Al (Biggie) BSH a IP&EC S*Litho's Silver Moon (Snowy) BSH ns11 IC S*Litho's Shanti of Cindy (Shanti) BSH ns11










Before you consider more in depth the qualifications and distinctions, please notice that the results are not saying all about a cat. Of course the titles and the qualifications a cat has been award aprove the standard of the cat, but that shall also be compared with how many shows the cat has been on and the concurrence at the show. It says nothing about the standard of the cat compared with a cat not so frequently exposed or a cat not exposed. Some cats are lovely and faithful companiens at home but hate expositions; if the owner have the sensibility to listen to the cat, that cat will be excused for going to show. For truly - it is more we their owners then the cats who love expositions! But sure it''s awesome when your lovely cat has been award their certificates, titles or has been Best In Show! But let us still rember that there is a lot of beautiful cats who has never got titles or never been in question for World Winner etc, We like to be on show sometimes with the cats who find showing ok. When our males are becoming fertile and sensible for all smells at show (there is a lot of girls on show) we let them take a break. Other cats have declared that they don't like to be on show or are afraid (expositions are not a natural environment for a cat) then we stop for a while and try again later. Some realy don't like to be on show - then this cat stays at home.

All our cats have the highest title they can get: mam and dads cosy cat!

See you on show!

S*Litho's Sugar Dream of Cindy Champion 2012-03-10 Louis Coste Racekatten/Denmark
  International Champion 2012-06-17 Steven Jones Smaalenene Katteklubb/Norway
S*Litho's Snow Angel of Cindy nom 2015-05-16 Yan Rocha Folch Gestrica Kattklubb
  Champion 2015-08-29 Alexey Schukin Elfsborgskatten
  CACIB+nom 2015-08-30 Ulrika Eriksson Elfsborgskatten
  International Champion 2017-12-03 Dorte Kaae Racekatten/Denmark
S*Litho's Snow Bear of Cindy Premier 2015-08-30 Ulrika Eriksson Elfsborgskatten
  International Premier 2017-12-03 Dorte Kaae Racekatten/Denmark
S*Litho's Shanti of Cindy CAC+nom 2017-08-20 Romero Aliosha Sundsvalls kattklubb
  Champion+nom 2017-10-08 Heléne Lis Östkatten
  CACIB+BIV+nom+BIS 2018-05-12 Yan RocaFolch Gestrica Kattklubb
  International Champion+BIV+nom+BIS 2018-05-13 Ulrika Eriksson Gestrica Kattklubb
S*Litho's Bagheera of Cindy Premier 2017-10-07 Ulrika Eriksson Östkatten
  International Premier+nom 2018-05-12 Yan Roca Folch Gestrica Kattklubb
S*Litho's Kissed by an Angel Champion 2018-05-13 Ulrika Eriksson Gestrica Kattklubb
Supreme Champion/Supreme Premier (before 2009-01-01 European Champion/European Premier)=9 CACS/CAPS by minimum 3 different judges in 3 countries 97 p
Grand Int Champion/Grand Int Premier=6 CAGCIB/CAGPIB by minimum 3 different judges in 3 countries 96 p
Int Champion/Int Premier=3 CACIB/CAPIB by 3 different judges in 2 countries 95 p
Champion/Premier=3 CAC/CAP by 3 different judges 93 p
Excellent is given in class 3-12 before the age of 10 months 88 p
Champion are called the title for fertile cats and Premier for neuter.


BIV= Best in Variety will be chosen by the judge among all cats of one variety disregarding age or sex on condition that at least 3 exhibits of this variety are present. 95 p
Nom=nomination for Best in Show. The judges chosen the best cat in category, age and sex for the panel, provaided it has obtained at least 97 p
BOX=Best in oppocite sex. The best femele or mal in category and age 100 p
BIS=Best in Show. The best in category and age 100 p
MAX POINTS for all races is 100 for the standard at FIFE.