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CH S*Litho's Kissed by an Angel (Kitty) *2016-03-15 BSH ns11 (black silvertipped) Blood group A, FeLV/FIV/FCoV (FIP) will be tested PKD-neg parents, HCM normal(veterinary Torkel Falk fev 2018), coat colour DNA: AA/EE/BB/CC/DD/NN agouti,  not carring gen for, amber, brown or cinnamon, not carring gen for colourpoint or dilution. no copies of the Dominant white or White spotting mutations. carring golden, carring longhair by her father.

Also an extremely affectionate lady who likes to lay next to your arm and look in your eyes so you drown. Daughter of Angel and the fifth generation of S*Litho's cats. Love to be out in harness, or just lie in a chair and hunt. The best friend is Simba.  A muscular female with amazing fur and thick tail. Nice head, lining and eye color. Interesting pedigree. We hope she can make Mom to any litter in combination with the right male