S*Litho's Simba of Cindy (Simba) *2015-12-07 BSH ny11 (svart goldentipped) PKD neg parents Coat color test DNA: AA/BB/CC/Dd (aouguti, no ambermutation, fullcolor not carring brown or cinnamon, no colorpoint gen, carring dilution)

Mom Cindy's last litter born on Maternity as he got stuck on the way out. (Only golden offspring in combination Cindy-Fernando), Thought we had time for one mating before neutring but the guy started early, and then it not works with fertile males with us, he was neutred. After all the pain he caused Cindy, and all worry for us it bacame impossible to be seperated from charmer. He has a wonderful expression with large green eyes and stunning lining. Thick coat quality in warm golden underwool. for tipped a lot goast markings but that is slowing down more and more. Wonderful temperament.


IC S*Litho's Sugar Dream of Cindy (Lisa) *2011-05-10 BSH ns11 (black silvertipped) Blood group A, FeLV/FIV neg (aug 2013) PKD-neg (DNA UC Davis, CA+ultrasound), HCM normal (veterinary Torkel Falk nov 2012+mars 2014) coat colour by DNA: AA/BB/CC/DD agouti, not carring point, dilution or longhair N/N, golden?

Daughter to Cindy and fourth generation S*Litho's cats. Beautifully rounded head with strong neck, excellent lining and large expressive emerald green eyes, muscular and cobby, 1 / 3 tipping, with some tabby 'ghost pattern'. Super social, affectionate and a wonderful good-natured spin packets. Sometimes it will not be as expected. Planned matings did not work, and Lisa longed most home to mom (!) So finally resolved through to neuter her and then she will be in peace and quiet at home with mom and help at the computer.

PEDIGREE             SHOW              LISAS SIDE

IC S*Litho's Snow Angel of Cindy (Angel) *2014-01-06, BRI ns11 (black silvertipped) Blood group A, FeLV/FIV/FCoV (FIP) neg sept 2015, PKD-neg parents, HCM normal (veterinary Torkel Falk jan 2015+fev 2018), coat colour DNA: AA/NN/EE/BB/CC/DD agouti, not carring gen for albino, amber, brown or cinnamon, not carring gen for colour point or dilution. carring golden. No gen for longhair mutation  N/N

A funny lady who early made ​​the circus arts (!) Also she daughter to Cindy and fourth generation S * Litho's cats. Beautifully rounded head with good eye- and ear placement. Large open dark green eyes as she curiously checking with. Beautiful lining around the eyes as well as nose. Short dense coat with even tipping. Strong paws and tail. We comply with the excitement of her development.


IP S*Litho's Bagheera of Cindy (Baggie) *2014-11-09, BSH ns11 (svart silvertipped), PKD neg parents

Our small miracle that we never thought would survive, but quickly developed into a big wonderful 'cosy cat' with strongly rounded head and thick neck, powerful paws, small ears and great coat. Biggie (see 'in memory') our former mascot, was from the first meeting convinced that Baggie was Lisa and his son ( both castrated!), and learned him during the year they got together all the tasks involved in being cattery director and mascot. Love walking and being outdoors in harness, but also a real "couch cat". The obvious game leader of the gang and has already started to take care of first kitten. We are grateful for the circumstances that made that we kept him in the cattery, and we also believe he will be a fun show cat when the opportunity arises.


IP S*Litho's Snow Bear of Cindy *2014-01-06, BSH ns11 (svart silvertipped) Bloodgroup A, PKD-neg parents, HCM normal jan 2015, coat color test DNA: AA/NN/EE/BB/CC/Dd (aouguti, no albinogen, no ambermutation, fullcolor not carring brown or cinnamon, no colorpoint gen, carring dilution. Carring golden

A fantastic good-natured temperament that steel our hearts from the first moment. Then we lost our ancestor during his first week of life, and they were so similar in appearance and temparement even if different color, was the decision given that he had to stay behind to balance the group. A real bear with muscular neck, large rounded head, heavy and cobby. Beautiful ear placement and large round open green eyes with beautiful lining. For this an even light thick short fur. We eagerly look forward to his development.


IC S*Litho's Shanti of Cindy (Shanti) *2014-11-09 (black silvertipped) Blood group A, FeLV/FIV/FCoV (FIP) neg may 2016, PKD-neg parents, HCM normal (veterinary Torkel Falk mars 2016+fev 2018), coat colour DNA: AA/NN/EE/BB/CC/Dd agouti, not carring gen for albino, amber, brown or cinnamon, not carring gen for colourpoint, carring gen for dilution. carring golden. No gen for longhair mutation N/N

An extremely affectionate female, who like to sleep on knees. Best friend is brother Bagheera which she took care of as a baby, but now he is big and strong and her security. Like going out in harness and a real little hunter. Rounded head with emerald green eyes and lovely lining. Cobby. A dense light tipped fur. I lovely mum, taking good care of kittens.



CH S*Litho's Kissed by an Angel (Kitty) *2016-03-15 BSH ns11 (black silvertipped) Blood group A, PKD-neg parents, HCM normal(veterinary Torkel Falk fev 2018), coat colour DNA: AA/EE/BB/CC/DD/NN agouti,  not carring gen for, amber, brown or cinnamon, not carring gen for colourpoint or dilution. no copies of the Dominant white or White spotting mutations. carring golden, carring longhair by her father.

Also an extremely affectionate lady who likes to lay next to your arm and look in your eyes so you drown. Daughter of Angel and the fifth generation of S*Litho's cats. Love to be out in harness, or just lie in a chair and hunt. The best friend is Baggie. A muscular female with nice fur and thick tail. Nice head, lining and eye color. Interesting pedigree. Unfortunately math did not get a suitable mating due to corona and private circumstances.


S*Litho's Stella of Shanti (Stella) *2016-11-06 BSH ny11 (black goldentipped) Blood group A, PKD-neg (DNA), HCM normal (veterinär Torkel Falk feb 2018), coat colour DNA:AA/EE/BB/CC/Dd/NN agouti, not carring gen for amber, brown, cinnamon, or colourpoint, carring gen for dilution, no copies of the dominant white or white spotting mutations. No longhair mutation. MYCat DNA profil finns

A good-natured, harmoniously playful cat, who loves to be petted and cuddle, when she is not chasing around flies and other fun. Daughter of Shanti and thus the fifth generation S * Litho's cats on her mother's side. Granddaughter of Sanna, and thus the third generation S * Litho's cats on dad's side. We think it is exciting to have our own cats on both mum and dad's side for the first time, and had hoped for a litter after her, but math's health and the pandemic came in between. So Stella became our last offspring in direct ranks after Biwa and Stello. From Grandma Sanna we recognize the warm golden color and preference for sleep next to trinkets. From My comes the cosying and affection, and from Stello you can't get your nose wrong. Medium in size. Beautifully rounded head, lovely green eye color, a short dense fur coat and strong tail.