Welcome to us at S*Litho's. All cats are living together with us and are treated as family members. The british is a very social cat and like to do things together with the owner. We are sharing everyday life together. All cats are indoor cats, but like to travel  with us in car/camping car or sometimes take a little walk with leash. They are used to travel with us in Sweden and in the rest of Europe, and some of them had also stayed with us at hotel or youth hostel. If you get a british you have a friend for lifetime. We are a small breed with max 1-2 litters in the year, because we want to follow every cat and give each one the best opportunity for a good life. All our cats always get the most attentive care (nutrition and healthcare). Our breeding cats are tested against FeLV/FIV, PKD-(Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease) or after PKD-neg parents. All our breeding queens are included in Healthprogram HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopaty)Scanning ultrasound PKD as well as HCM are done at the clinic Din Veterinär Helsingborg by veterinary Torkel Falk. Since 2009 also PKD tested with DNA technic by UC Davis,CA. For matings are we looking for tested males.

  The kittens are born in our bedroom where they live the first weeks with their mom and our attention (but where they also can have some isolation). They will be used to bee handled by human care from their first day. When they grow older they learn about life by the other cats and get familiar with the rest of the house. The kittens when they start eating by themselves get home cooked food of high nutritive value and complete balanced dry food like Hill's or Royal Canin kitten. My objective is to breed healthy, well typed cats with special temperament to chosen homes; home like us who esteem a beautiful, personally member in the family. Are you interested in a kitten from us? - please read our sell conditions at the page: Kittens

Lilian S*Litho's