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Please observe that all kittens are only available to loving and permanent indoor homes. We do not sell cats only for breeding. Our cats are always treated as a family member. We sell breeding-cats only to officially registered breeders living inside EU (Norway, Switzerland), where the cats are living with the family and only to breeder sharing same goals and philosophy for breeding. If you are interested in show, please tell us so will we try to choose one of them we believe will have a good quality for shows -but notice that we can not guarantee good show results or that the cat will like exhibitions. So please observe the conditions above!

When the kittens leave us are they:

  • at least 12 weeks old
  • dewormed or neg test for parasite
  • registered in SVERAK (FIFe) with official pedigree. Transfer and EU pet passport if needed.
  • fully vaccinated against panleucopaenia and cat flu (rabies if needed)
  • checked by my veterinarian and health certificate not older than 7 days before sale
  • insured against hidden health problems until the age of three
  • micro-chipped
  • written contract and lifelong support

Other conditions: When we have or are planning litters you can write us and tell us your wishes. When the kittens are around 5 weeks old, we shall try to put together the right kitten with the right buyer. We always try to find the buyer who fits best the cat, so that the cat as well as the buyer will be happy. We do not sell only over the Internet or by telephone, personal contact required. No kittens will be shipped to the buyer but must be  picked up personally. The kitten we sell will we stay in contact with. If the buyer for a serious reason have to transfer the cat to an other home will we be contacted first. As we have chosen you as owner will we participate in the choice of a new home. As breeder I am in charge for my offspring's, wish I hope will be respected!  Welcome to contact us with your wishes! You can contact us in English or French.

Lilian S*Litho's