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Golden Butterfly aus Curbechi (Fernando)

BSH ny 11 (black goldenshaded)

* 2012-05-05

Bloodgroup:A, FeLV/FIV neg (june 2013), PKD neg (DNA), HCM normal aug 2013


SC Golden Furioso vom Wahrberg

BSH ny11

HCM normal feb 2010

PKD neg (DNA)

IC. Valentine d`Or de Saint Roy

BSH ny 25

HCM normal maj 2009

PKD neg

IC Gucci of Emmeli's Edition BSH ny 11

HCM normal 2007

PKD neg

CH Cyrano of Emmeli's Edition

BSH ny11

CH Craigdhu Silver Temptation

BSH ns11

Roslin d´Or de Saint Roy

BSH ny 11

EC NL*Jadwiga's Valentino

BSH ns11

PKD-neg & HCM normal 2007

CH. Bijou d´argent de Saint Roy

BSH ns 11) 

GIC. Patty von Felden

BSH ny 11

GIC. Andy vom Wahrberg

BSH ny 11

EC. Maurice vom Wahrberg

BSH ny 11 33

CH. Kandy von Romero BSH ny 11

CH. Jadwiga´s Golden Undine BSH ny 11

IC. Marvellous Masterplayer

BSH ny 24

GIC. Jadwiga´s Silver Primadonna

BSH ns 11


CH Image Bleu aus Curbechi

BSH ay11

HCM normal jan 2009

PKD neg (ultrasound)

GIC Bluegold Nougat D*Oaxaca

BSH ay 11

PKD-neg & HCM normal dec 2008


EC Gold-Amaretto D*Oaxaca

BSH ny 11

HCM normal 2005

PKD neg

Gismo vom Juwelental

BSH ny 11

IC Orage-Pekoe d*Oaxacas BSH ny 11

L'Avvenires Deanna Troi BSH as 11



IC. L´Avvenires Uzo Bianco

BSH ns11

Silver-Loulou d´Oaxaca

 BSH ns 11

Brettachtal´s Rhapsody in blue

EXO ay 22

GIC. Brettachtal´s San-Shiu-King EXO ny 12

Brettachtal´s Cartier d´Or

PER ny 11

Brettachtal´s San-Shou-Lee

EXO ns 11

Brettachtal´s Nye-Kee

PER ny 22

GIC. Castlegate´s Czar

PER ny 11

CH. Hochenbuchau´s Blue Darling

PER a 22

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